Promotional Films

Promotional Films

We can create a promotional film of both the interior and exterior of your property, using aerial photography for the building exterior, gardens and grounds. We will also film the interior rooms, either using conventional cameras or, if there is enough space, using a small drone to fly through the rooms.

Video Editing

Footage is normally supplied unedited but we can cut and edit footage, extract high quality stills and prepare the final output for web streaming or DVD. Most external and roof surveys will only need simple image extraction, whereas more extensive buildings and promotional films will require the complete editing process to make the video ready for presentation. We can also post the agreed, final output directly to your social media channels.

Promotional Websites


We can encapsulate all of our footage and stills into a promotional website for your property. Ideal for sales and rentals, especially larger properties and estates. We will design and build a website which will include edited footage and stills along with full property details, company branding and contact information. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.